About WorldHit

What is WorldHit?

WorldHit is a website where presenting the newest music worldwide is our top priority. Our goal is to present the charts of tomorrow by following the latest music trends.


As new genres are being invented by rising artists in every corner of the world, we want to be able to monitor these trends and push their visibility.

How can I contact WorldHit?

WorldHit.net is a website created by Widen Invent. You can contact us through every social media channel listed below:

How does it work?

Every hour we get the latest music charts from over 110 countries worldwide, add some magic and a perfect combination of all charts displays itself on our home page.

Where is your data coming from?

Currently we are connected with iTunes and grab all the official charts we can get.

When is the end of WorldHit.net?

Music is an ever ongoing evolution and will never die. As our goal is to monitor and present these evolutions, we will never die.
You have, however, reached the end of this page.