My name is Yordi Verbeeck, the creator of WorldHit.
I'm sad to say that WorldHit has been shut down.

For years I've been trying to make it the perfect music chart. I made visitors and myself discover some interesting artists, songs and made trends visible around the world.
Time has passed now and the music industry changed, the charts on WorldHit are no longer representative of what the vision of WorldHit originally was.

In spite of all the efforts of what I thought was the right path to take, the amount of visitors kept on declining and were losing interest. And so did I, even I - the owner - didn't like using WorldHit anymore.
The decision to shut it down has been on my mind for long, and finally deciding to do so hurt. But I know it's the only way forward.

Thanks for everyone who was a fan of the project and to everyone who helped me build it. What a journey it was!

In case you were a regular visitor or want to contact me, I'm happy to reply to all messages on the following platforms: